vPowerHouse licensing

Specials for first half 2013

SA with wind farm and terse APT for 499.00

Utility program licensing

The Utility license program is 6 concurrent users per SA site license. The site license is permanent that means that no future costs are incurred. If a upgrade is desired past purchases are considered with improvements needed.

Utility licensing

Program License base 1cost
APT1 license per site5000.1
What you get with the SA is a generic simulator that runs two plants on a single PC. Layout Drawing of the generic plant which is generic CT model exhausts into the Boiler of the second ST Boiler model has single burner with three element feedwater and combustion controls Trending window Manual CD with program The SA simulation needs a PC that has two monitors and two mice.

Pricing Examples

Year 1

  1. Utility A has 5 plant sites and has training facilities at three. It has been decided that SST training program would puchased for three plant training facilities. A training classroom with Three SA site licenses at one training facility. A remote plant with no training facility gets one SA license.
  2. Utility B has 6 plant sites and future plant coming in. they want to train the five future shift supervisors for the new plant only. A SST program is needed since these senior operator never learned fundamentals. The SA library is set for the new plant.
  3. 3. Technical school has 20 seats The SST is not needed but the package is desired.

Year 2

  1. Utility A is happy with the APT program and needs no additional features. Since they are staying within the 36 concurrent user license there is no additional charges.
  2. Utility B is unhappy with the SA simulator they want to have a governor interface that emulates their governor closer. The cost of the governor faceplate is 25,000 plus governor logic 25,000.
  3. Technical School has a hot shot instructor who "knows" XL wants increase the lesson output. They buy additional license for a SA programmable. The SA programmable uses many Excel functions to extend the SA simulator. The SA programmable is 29,000 - 5,000 allowance for original SA purchase.

Year 3

  1. Utility C buys an SA for Control technicians cost 4,166

VPowerHouse SA tagtables are locked to ease install. To change tags for your plant contact for upgrade pricing.

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