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Thanks for the interest and use of the SA900 power plant simulation by vPowerHouse. Use the SA demo to determine what screens and features are needed for your plants simulation needs. To get started go through the Demo start up to get acquainted with the location and grouping of the screens. Screens are brought up through the use of menu View and Screen selection.

     The SA900 demo comes with a combined cycle plant consisting of three turbine generators sets.  These units are simplified with a reduced number of tags and logic to ease startup of the simulation.  The steam turbine generators ST5 and ST7 have boilers that have duct burners as well recover exhaust heat from the combustion turbine CT6 when it is on line.

    The duct burners allow ST5 and ST7 to start up and be put on the line independently of the CT6 unit.   This feature allows the SA900 to demostrate simple steam cycle plants.

    Switching operations: The SA900 nominal local load is 50MW on the South Buss the North Buss is station power--about 5 MW.  When the SA900 is in demo start mode the starting routine is automaticly gone through the resulting in the machine on line and the North buss is charged.  The operator is prompted to close the South buss breaker to carry load.  This will increase the unit loading to 55 MW.

   The operator can start another machine to help carry this load.  Since the buss is hot the operator needs to synch in this machine. Click on the clock iconed switch on the bottom of the line switch screen to turn the 'scope on This portion of the program would show that the local system speed can change when not connected to the grid but the frequency becomes more stable.  
   The grid can be connected to the local system by closing the grid switch. This will have to be synched in by switching the Synchscope selector to Grid and clicking on the clock iconed switch on the bottom of the line switch screen to turn the 'scope on.