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The condenser converts used turbine steam into water both for reusing the steam and to pull a vacuum to allow more power production from a given amount of steam.

Vacuum Pump An electric pump allows vacuum to build earlier in turbine start up.

Vacuum indicates a pressure lower than atmospheric.

Condenser Level  The indicator for the condensers hot well condensate level.

t/g #7 has gland seals which are described under #5
Tag name Description
Primary Device for Vacuum
ST7_condenser_HP_ejector_steam_2 back up for above
ST7_condenser_LP_ejector_steam_1 Secondary device for vacuum
ST7_condenser_LP_ejector_steam_2 back up for above
ST7_condenser_Cooler Cools discharge from air ejector
ST7_condenser_Recirculation_Bypass sometimes used during start up
ST7_condenser_Recirculation_Regulation maintians flow during low turbine load
ST7_condenser_Casing_Drain Drains water from turbine
ST7_condenser_Casing_Drain_2 Drains water from turbine
ST7_condenser_Vacuum_Breaker allows air into condenser during shut down
ST7_condenser_Hot_well_pump_1 pumps condensate to the DA tank
ST7_condenser_Hot_well_pump_2 back up for above

t/g #5
Tag name Description
Opened during low load operation
ST5_gland_Header_steam Extra valve to secure gland seal steam supply
ST5_gland_Dump_valve Dumps extra steam to condenser
ST5_gland_cooler Recovers condensate

CT #6 has no condenser