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Engine Controls

Throttle Valve This handles the trottle position and displays the valve position and if it is latched
RPM digital readout of prime mover speed
Status reads the status of the prime mover generator set.

Tag name T/g #7 Description
Tests if aux oil pump can start
ST7_Oil_aux_oil_pump used during startup and main pump failure
ST7_Oil_governor_Valve connects oil tank to governor
ST7_Oil_governor_Tank reserve oil for governor
ST7_Oil_upPipe piping
ST7_Oil_cooler removes heat from bearing oil
ST7_Oil_Electric_Pump additional oil pump
ST7_Oil_Tank_Elbow piping
ST7_Oil_Tank bearing oil tank

Tag name  CT #6 Description
bearing oil tank
CT6_Oil_Tank_drain bearing oil tank drain
CT6_Oil_Electric_Pump start up oil pump
CT6_Oil_cooler removes heat from bearings
CT6_Oil_upPipe piping
CT6_Oil_governor_Tank reserve oil
CT6_Oil_governor oil supply governor

Tag name t/g #5 Description
bearing oil tank
ST5_Oil_Tank_drain bearing oil tank drain
ST5_Oil_Electric_Pump extra oil pump
ST5_Oil_cooler remove heat from oil
ST5_Oil_upPipe piping
ST5_Oil_governor_Tank reserve oil
ST5_Oil_governor_Valve connects tank with governor
ST5_Oil_aux_oil_pump aux pump
ST5_Oil_aux_test_valve test aux pump