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Boiler Controls

The Boiler Control and Boiler menu selection surface the boiler controls screen.

Drum PSI indicates the pressure of the steam and water in the boiler

Drum Blower is a continous blowdown device that removes solids from the boiler by removing steam drum water at a 2% rate of the steaming rate.

Blow Down is a blow down that is opened when boiler drum is full of water caused by overfeeding feedwater or boiler upsets caused by quick opening of steam turbine throttle valves. Note the SA demo will open this valve if the drum level is high.

Start Up Vent is opened when the boiler is first started and the steam turbine is not running. SA demo leaves open click on it to save both steam energy and makeup of the water used to make the steam.  

Drum Vent is open during boiler startup.  It is closed when the drum pressure is 25lbs to be sure all the air is vented out of the drum.  During shut down it is opened at 25lbs when the boiler is cooling off to prevent a vacuum.  This vacuum can sometimes pull the drum head gaskets in.

Water Glasses red and green light is projected into a water glass to discern the water level in the steam drum. Red indicates steam, green is water.