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Gas Train

The gas line and fittings that shut off and regulate the flow of gas into the burner is often called a gas train.

These valves are controlled by premissives or interlocks that require a fire in the burner and furnace before the main gas is turned on. See Burner superivisory controls

Tag name  ST #7 Description
main gas valve
ST7_Gas_ulL_p1 piping
ST7_Gas_TeeR_p2 piping
ST7_Gas_Block_Inlet first block and bleed valve
ST7_Gas_TeeU_p3 piping
ST7_Gas_Block_Outlet second block and bleed valve
ST7_Gas_Regulator regulates the gas pressure
ST7_Gas_Line_p6 piping
ST7_Gas_HandValve operator manuals opens shuts this valve
ST7_Gas_Burner device that mixes the air and fuel and promotes combustion
ST7_Gas_Line_p7 piping
ST7_Gas_Pilot_Line_p2 piping
ST7_Gas_Bleed the bleed valve for the block and bleed shut off
ST7_Gas_Pilot_Line_Valve stops starts gas flow to the pilot
ST7_Gas_Pilot_Line_p4 piping
ST7_Gas_Pilot_Line_p5 piping
ST7_Gas_Pilot_Line_p8 piping
ST7_Gas_Pilot_Regulator regulates the gas pressure

The combustion turbine combustor has a gas train too.
Tag name CT #6 Description
CT6_Gas_Pilot_Line_Valve pilot gas to combustor
CT6_Gas_Block_Inlet block and bleed valve 1
CT6_Gas_Bleed block and bleed valve 1
CT6_Gas_Block_Outlet block and bleed valve 1
CT6_Gas_Gas_Regulator regulates gas flow
CT6_Gas_Maxon_Valve extra gas triping valve
CT6_Gas_Burner represents the CT combustor
CT6_Gas_Flame flame scanner for CT combustor

Tag name  ST #5 Description
gas on or off to pilot
ST5_Gas_Block_Inlet block and bleed valve 1
ST5_Gas_Bleed block and bleed valve 2
ST5_Gas_Block_Outlet block and bleed valve 3
ST5_Gas_Regulator regulates gas pressure
ST5_Gas_Maxon_Valve older brand name of gas trip valve
ST5_Gas_Ignitor source of ignition in burner
ST5_Gas_Flame indicator of fire in burner and faunace