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Bug List

1. Rate does not work on the SA 904 demo controllers
2. Electrical model does not appear to work SA 904 demo Comment relates to item six.
3. Cooling Tower Controls do not surface.  
Comment: The SA attempts to show that some controls do not work unless the station buss is charged.
4. Feedwater pump outlet pressure does not read anything
5. Boiler Readings are blank.
Comment: If the program is busy with other tasks it sometimes fails to realize the boiler readings window is surfaced. A work around is to switch screens back and forth until Boilers Readings begin to update.  Second solution is a faster computer.
Update: March 2005 Fixed. 6. The voltage regulator does not work properly. It can only excite up to 5 to 10 MV
Comment: The Overview mentions a workaround for this defect--using grid vars to excite the machine.  
     An improved voltage regulator is being tested and should available soon! Update: March 2005 Fixed to allow high Var production and troublesome voltage drift!