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Burner Supervisory Controls

This screen represents the interlocks or premissives needed to light the burner. Also the burner will trip if flame scanner or other safeguards detect problems with the boiler. I.e. high pressure, high water level in steam drum, low water level in steam drum. Also burner conditions of high combustibles loss of fans weak flame will trip the burner.

Once the burner trips the furnace needs to be purged of any combustible gases before the burner(s) can be safely relight.

Note: The interlocks are bypassed in the SA demo in order that it can be readily started.  SA provides for the start up and trip logic to modified to allow fitting to individual plants and changes to start up procedures if necessary.  P & I graphics are not synched to this "board."

Gas Burner Status

Purge Complete
Ignitor On
Pilot Burner
Burner Lit
Main Gas On
Fire in Furnace

Fire Eye
a brand name of flame scanner

Coal Fire Status

Air Flows Proper
Pulverizer On
Coal Fire Lit

Purge Timer Display
begins counting down when the furnace is being purged of gas.

 Most furnace explosions happen during startup when the fire is unstable.