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Boiler Light off SOP

#5 & #7 Boiler Startup Procedure SA900 SOP 901  

1. Complete boiler startup walkdown.

2. Drain approximately 2 inches of water from the steam drum.

3. Increase water level to normal liteoff.
Verify remote water level instruments are functioning.
Raising water level insures economizer is flooded with water.

4. Open startup valve

5. Start FD Fan.
Insure damper are at minimum.
Start the fan.

6. Start Secondary Air Fan.

7. Reset Boiler Trip
8.      Reset Duct burner Trip.

9. Purge the boiler.

10. Start the duct burner.
Adjust the duct burner control output to approximately 5%

11. Fire the boiler slowly, increasing boiler metal temperatures 100 deg. F per hour.