chart visually displays changes as hills and valleys Tracker monitors real time prices of a selected commerial node without tying up the browser or Excel. Every five minutes it updates the real-time price information automaticly. The Tracker can be used with only a ticker "tape" showing even when the screen saver is running.

2 Hour Real Time Chart

The 2 Hour RT chart plots a selected node's real time information. This chart is updated every five minutes. Allowing the operator to quickly compare the last price posted with the last posting. Tracker includes the DA price with the RT node information. enchanced Tracker scans all the nodes to get real-time price information not available on MISO's contour map or table.

Traces on Two hour RT Chart include the day ahead lmp price for convenience.

Real time Local Marginal Price
Light green diamond plot
Real time Marginal Loss Component
Green line
Real time Marginal Congestion Component
Dark green line
Day ahead Local Marginal Price
Light green line
Color matches RT diamond.

24 Hour Day Ahead Chart

A DA Day chart rides under the five minute RT lmp chart. This chart shows the day's DA pricing for your node in relation to the local and the system high and low pricing. The color scheme for the DA day chart uses red for high system, yellow for high local, green for selected node, blue and voilet for low local and system traces respectively.

Ticker Tape

The latest selected lmp node price is displayed with MISO high and low price information. Local high and low prices are also displayed. These extra points greatly help in predicting the direction of future RT node pricing. Pro-action instead of reaction!

high price chart

Using Tracker


Tracker Installation

  1. Make a directory named Tracker
  2. Move the Tracker_vxxx.exe to the Tracker directory. Tracker will make a configuration file here and sub directory named DAdata. (Thats all the changes Tracker needs to make.
  3. Right click with the mouse to bring a Windows menu select Create shortcut about 2/3's of the way down.
  4. Drag the created shortcut to the Desktop or the Windows Start button to place in task menu.
  5. click on shortcut to start Tracker.

Security Concerns

Tracker is a compiled executable. It doesn't need Java or VB runtimes. Scripts which may exploited or simply altered or corrupted to a not working state are not used with Tracker. This allows the Tracker to run without causing versioning issues with Java programs. Excel can use the csv files.

high price chart

High Prices rooted out by Tracker

Ticker window

Ticker Tape

DA price window DAnalizer

chart with DA window

Color Scheme

The ticker tape and some plotting uses the MISO scheme. Tracker uses diamonds for RT lmp and matching lime green for the DA lmp.

Or if your node is in consolidated node data set a standard model Tracker can get data from the contour map site

Past data charting

Tracker window Tracker window Deep downward spikes on lines

Loads the prior data for the day or the day before data. A fun thing to do is loading all the nodes to check the divergence of the MISO operating day prices.